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Thursday, November 29, 2007

No, this is not a photo of a young Emmanuel Lewis-inspired drag king. If you're fond of internet memes you'll know that this is Tay Zonday, internet star of "Chocolate Rain."

Please watch the original if you haven't already. The first time I listened to it I had it in my head for three long days. It's hard to narrow down the appeal of this video to one thing. There are so many layers - the voice, the lyrics, the ceaseless repetition, this MANCHILD'S FACE! I'm working on a Puerto Rican version and it will be called Plantain Rain. Lyrics forthcoming.

Dr. Pepper hopped on the bandwagon and got Tay to do a Chocolate Cherry Rain version for their new drink. I couldn't help but feel awe as large buckets of chocolate goo are poured all over Tay and a model. How exactly does a director make that pitch?

"Look, I have a vision. I'm picturing you, open-mouthed, taken unawares by a huge bucket of brown slop that looks very rich and chocolatey. Then I'm going to run it in slo-mo as it hits your face. You in, cause we'll need to do about ten takes to get the gunk just right."

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