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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get your own awesome Sarah Palin poster and slather it all over the place. I swear this is exactly what I see whenever I look at her.

She scurry!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I have been trying, as of late, to figure out what kind of karmic payback will be due to me after the last few weeks.

Just look at the last few posts. Sara and I got animated! Someone made us LiveJournal icons! Our vlogs have been all over the place. I met muthafuckin WESCRAVEN (by the way, I really think someone needs to make a show called "That's So Wes Craven!"). It's all a little much.

Then, friends, my husband scored SNL tickets to this weekend's show. You know, the show with the three headed beast herself - SARAH PALIN - on it. Too much, just too much.

What kind of payback will the universe send me for all this bounty? I shudder to think.

However, I will say if you ever get the chance to see SNL in the flesh - do it! It's way more fun and flies by when you're there. At home I rarely watch the whole thing, but there's so much more magic going on in person. Just watching the crew transform the tiny studio so quickly, and gracefully into a number of stages, and watching the flow of crew and talent is mesmerizing enough to make you forget about the commercial breaks. There was something both creepy and endearing about watching crew members rush guests off the stage while holding their hands.

Warming up the crowd, Fred Armisen played guitar with the SNL band while Kristen Wiig sang Blondie's "One Way or Another" - totally fun and who knew Kristen had a great voice? Josh Brolin was a really great host. His monologue was strong (referencing his amazing work on GOONIES of all things) and I just really liked his vibe.

Know what I didn't like? Sarah Palin.

She seems to be getting a lot of credit for this appearance and I'm left wondering why? Everyone around her did the heavy lifting and she did what she's done this whole campaign - sit there, read her script, and looked pretty. Who's surprised by this? How much credit needs to be given for raising the roof during a rap mocking you?

I will say, seeing Tina Fey and Sarah Palin pass by each other was pretty cool. They are extremely similar in body type. Roughly the same height and, um, CRAZY THIN.

And just as an insider note - my lil' corner of the audience tried to boo Palin at several points, but we weren't heard. Also, we spotted several VIPs being ushered onto the special floor seats wearing McCain/Palin buttons, so make of that what you will.

You might notice that during the rap (which was funny because Poehler did it with such gusto) the line "you say Obama, I say Ayres" totally fell flat with the audience.

True to form, our Sarah Palin totally thought she NAILED everything and is looking forward to a career in comedy following her earth-shattering appearance (note Dina's SNL bracelet for an added touch of authenticity):

You can also catch the episode on NBC's Hulu. Read Sara Schaefer's awesome open letter to Palin on Best Week Ever as well - I like her take.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

This man lives in my nightmares. You might recognize him from one of those horrible eHarmony ads. I have been trying to figure out why he deeply troubles my subconscious and I think I have a few leads:

- He has crazy eyes. Seriously. Watch the ad. The whites of his eyes show over his irises and that's always a bad sign.

- He looks just like a dude who called me a JAP in Ohio when I yelled at him for stealing my parking space.

- Ann Marie (his eHarmony bride) seems like she's suffering Stockholm Syndrome. Talks about how she "calms him down" which immediately terrifies me.

Please, someone, tell me I'm not alone in being totally freaked by this dude. HIS EYES SEE EVERYTHING, THEY NEVER BLINK.

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Trust me, I have a blog post forthcoming that has nothing to do with self-promotion. Just let me get this one out of the way, because it will be good times and I would like to share the love.

The Hysterical Festival is kicking off next week (check out the schedule here) and it is going to have all manner of awesomeness in store for NYC. We've got Maria Bamford, baby mamas, naked ladies, wordy ladies, and haterz! Plus, Margaret Cho totally rubber stamped us and BUST magazine gave us mad nubbins.

I am going to be on one of the shows called "The Ambiguously Brown Comedy Hour" with a gaggle of women, all of whom are awesome. There is about a metric ton of awesome involved in this show. We're talking top quality crab.

I even made a shitty flier in celebration of it all:

Did you see much CUTENESS is involved? Ay, God.

So here are the deets. If you've been meaning to come see me, make it this show!

COMIX - 353 W 14th Street (at 9th Ave)
Thursday, October 16th at 7:30 pm
Ever wondered what would happen if a hilarious comedy show just happened to be ethnically diverse? Wonder no more.

Laugh as comics Jiwon Lee (Comedy Central), Diana Saez (CNN, Sí TV, Sirius Radio), Aparna Nancherla (NBC's Stand Up for Diversity, NBC's "Last Comic Standing"), Erin Jackson ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show," NBC's "Last Comic Standing") and Retta ("Comedy Central Presents," "Premium Blend," "Slackers") take the stage and shatter stereotypes.
Hosted by Desiree Burch (Joe's Pub, VH1's "Best Night Ever").


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Monday, October 6, 2008

You know, these Palin vlogs and gotten Sara Benincasa and I a lot of play. Uncle Cessiwig (aka Francesco Marciliano of Sally Forth and Medium Large fame) has been so kind as to post the collective play all in one convenient place.

I thought my mind had been blown when we got cartooned. Then Sara found out that someone had entered us into LiveJournal popculture notoriety. Witness this dedication!

My personal favorite.

Theeeen, as if that wasn't totally dudical, Siddhartha Mitter from WNYC interviewed me, Sara, Baratunde Thurston, and Julie Klausner. You can catch it online!

But then shit got REALLY crunk because The New Yorker invited us to work their festival this weekend which meant we got into a super swank opening party resulting in amazingness.

Yes, Sara has blogged about it because she is not full of molasses like sorry ole me, but the following ensued (after a lot of champagne):

1. I told author Jeffrey Eugenides (author of
Virgin Suicides and Middlesex): “I really loved Middlesex. I have read it repeatedly, and I really relate to it, although I’m not a hermaphrodite.”

2. I thrust a drunken fist in the air at the sight of Alan Cumming's Barack the Vote tshirt and he gave me a peace sign. LOVE.

3. I witnessed a very pretty, very tiny Regina Specktor talking to a trio of hipster douchebags.

4. Sam and I rode the elevator up with Oliver Stone and his posse.

5. Salman Rushdie was walking around and I had to restrain myself (I was only 2 champagnes in so this was still possible) from whispering to him "Padma's a bitch" and then running out of the room.

6. On the walk up Park Avenue towards our homeland, Istarted playing with garbage, including a discarded bra and a shoe, and threw them in the air because I was feeling like Mary Fucking Tyler Moore:

7. Ended up sitting on a sofa across from WESCRAVEN and his amazing, beautiful, warm, friendly wife Iya Labunka (producer on
Heathers) and having a butt ass long conversation full of wonder. Highlights included:

- Telling Wes Craven: "My brothers got years of mileage terrifying me with fanfic enchanced Freddy Krueger stories, 'SO THANKS A LOT, WES!'"

- Calling him WESCRAVEN at every possible opportunity.

- Talking about zero gravity sex (Buzz, Neil, we all agreed you probably cranked one off in space).

- Hearing the awesome tale of how Iya and Wes met.

That was pretty much the best party I ever went to. It was also very pretty in that hotel with light bulbs on the ceiling.

And the next day we got to perform at the New Yorker Festival's Humor Panel for 350 people. We were the fluffers for the panel. Witness the happiness.

WITNESS US MEETING Samantha Bee, who is soooo funny and nice in person (and even prettier).

If you thought the story was going to stop here, you were wrong. Because then, by some miracle, we got to meet Margaret Cho that same night. I have the pictures to prove it.

I'm not quite sure how a weekend like that can be topped!

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