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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Y'all, this is hardly something to blog about, but that won't stop me. Something is seriously wrong with my right nostril. It feels like I'm about to sneeze always. As in, that tingly horrible feeling that is only made good by the relief of a sneeze, never leaves, and is never fulfilled. That is making me seriously consider taking things up a notch. I've been squirting some saline up my nose, but I think I have to take it to DefCon5 and get myself a neti pot for serious nasal irrigation.

Fine, right? Natural, you hippies might even say. Tell me, does anything look natural about this?

I think Neti Potting is the segway riding of personal hygiene. There is just no way to do it while maintaining any level of dignity or fuckability.

That hasn't stopped this guy from trying.

I love this man. He is the Colin Farell of nasal irrigation. All grease and yearning and hepititis c.

I give this girl points for creating a distraction with the cleavage. As that dude in
Jurassic Park said, "clever girl."

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