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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I find myself in a rapid mood cycling bipolar frenzy regarding children and breeding, specifically with regard to my own uterus. One day it seems like a great idea, the next, the path of broken dreams and giving up. To track this rollercoaster of indecision, I am introducing a new feature, wherein I share something I find online that I store into my pro/con list.

Today, I'm almost at neutral because...I suppose I should start with the bad news, there's a man in Russia with a tail.

World Most Funny Deformation - Free videos are just a click away

Call me out on this if you would like, but the prospect of contributing to the human race after seeing a man with a wriggling dick on his back makes me hopelessly depressed. I can't explain why this makes me sad enough to not breed, but it does. Can you imagine changing the diaper of a child with a dicktail? His little nub moving back and forth in his own turd bomb?

But there was some mighty potent cuteness shot at me last week which is still going strong.

http://view.break.com/422660 - Watch more free videos

Genius. I believe it is enough to push me into "High."

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