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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cruise-azy cup runneth over. Gawker is holding strong, strapping on a set, and hosting a whole mess of Scientology videos. Shit just gets scarier and scarier, because it's clear this guy really believes the shit coming out of his mouth. You know he really believes that he can control space and time and bend spoons with his mind or some shit.

If I'm reading the subtext of these videos correctly, Tom Cruise is so transcendental, so clear, that he is the only person in these videos not subtitled.

Oh, and the octogenarian Jew on East 86th St. who gives me my brain candy better watch his ass, because Cruise is after him and his ilk.
"Oh I am going hard at those guys. I’m going to end their reign...these psychiatrists. I’ve had it... I’ve absolutely had it it’s disgusting to me!"
He's absolutely had it with these psychiatrists and their healing and treatments! Their reign of terror must end now. The path to healing lies in an over sized label maker attached to a couple of soup cans. Not pills.

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