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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hey, instead of entertaining you with a blog entry including some scrap of content, I'm just going to whore out some upcoming thingies of mine.

First up!

TONIGHT I WILL BE ON FUCKING SIRIUS RADIO! Did you hear that? Hells yes. I will be on Sirius Satellite Radio's "The Blog Bunker" on Indie Talk (Channel 110) at 5:30 pm and will be sitting next to the most hilarious Palestinian (besides Yasser Arafat) Dean Obeidallah

As if that shizz wasn't cool enough, I'll also be hanging out with my wimmin friends exploring our yonis and root chakras at NYU next Monday (March 3rd) at 7pm. I shit you not when I tell you this show is FREE because we believe in the fierce woman warriors and their cause. Stop shaving your legs now and join us!

Join NYU as they kick-off Women's History month with a celebration of women in the arts. The event will feature Chicks and Giggles—a stand-up group featuring the best female comics in New York City at the E&L Auditorium (4th Floor) Kimmel Student Center, 60 Washington Square South.


Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (VH1)
Rachael Parenta (Oh, Hello)
Mindy Raf (College Humor)
Giulia Rozzi (Mtv)
Diana Saez (DC Comedy Fest)

Doors open at 7PM. Food will be provided.
Entrance Policy: Bring a photo ID to enter. So bring your friends!
FREE tickets can be picked up at Ticket Central. Go to ChicksnGiggles NYU to reserve your free tix!

Also, if you like to kick it with hipsters while being down with a cause, I'll be at my girl Jamie Lee's awesome new show "Diamonds in the Fluff
" THIS TUESDAY in Brooklyn. Why "Fluff" you ask? Because we're doing it for the sweet furry faces at the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition. So, if you don't go to this show, you might as well change your name to Michael Vick. HIPSTERS REQUIRED TO CHECK THEIR JUDGMENT AT THE DOOR.

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