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Monday, March 17, 2008

For those still reeling from Spastic Colon Sunday, I have a few things for you that are essentially Prozac for the eyes. They will heal you in places you didn't know where even broken. Such is their power.

In New Zealand, a friendly little dolphin saved a sperm whale and her calf from a miserable beaching death.

Keep your dolphin rape tales away from me, okay, because this shit has just about earned dolphins all the PR they'll ever need in my books.

Conservation officer Malcolm Smith told the BBC that he and a group of other people had tried in vain for an hour and a half to get the whales to sea.

The pygmy sperm whales had repeatedly beached, and both they and the humans were tired and set to give up, he said.

But then the dolphin appeared, communicated with the whales, and led them to safety.

The bottlenose dolphin, called Moko by local residents, is well known for playing with swimmers off Mahia beach on the east coast of the North Island.

Mr Smith said that just when his team was flagging, the dolphin showed up and made straight for them.

"I don't speak whale and I don't speak dolphin," Mr Smith told the BBC, "but there was obviously something that went on because the two whales changed their attitude from being quite distressed to following the dolphin quite willingly and directly along the beach and straight out to sea."

"I shouldn't do this I know, we are meant to remain scientific," Mr Smith said, "but I actually went into the water with the dolphin and gave it a pat afterwards because she really did save the day."

How good do you feel about life right about now? Just wait, because List of the Day provides some potent visuals to keep that high going. How about a walrus dancing to MJ's
Smooth Criminal?

Are you still down? List of the Day provides another video to balm your emotional wounds. Put things into perspective - at least you are not this woman.

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