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Thursday, January 31, 2008

So, um, yeah...here's a live reenactment of me reading this article.

A Brazilian judge barred a samba group on Thursday from featuring a Holocaust display and a dancer dressed as Adolf Hitler in its Carnival parade after fierce complaints from Jewish groups.
"A guy dressed as Hitler atop a pile of dead Jews, that's too much. It's beyond the limits of common sense. There is no way we could accept that," said Sergio Niskier, president of the Rio federation, hailing the judge's decision.

Someone had to go on the record to say that "Hitler atop a pile of dead Jews" might be...oh, a little "too much." Yes, that would be overkill. Just a little dab will do you.

The school's parade theme is "Shockers" and it includes floats depicting the shock of birth, the shock of horror and the shock of cold.

On Wednesday, another samba group agreed to remove the swastika symbol from uniforms that its dancers planned to wear in its Carnival parade about the predictions of Nostradamus after complaints from the Jewish federation. The Estacio de Sa group also said it would drop a section of the parade named after Hitler.

Wait...what? Were there a bunch of cringe comics on the planning committee? And just wait until you get a load of the float photo!

Time and a place people!

Source: Reuters

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