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Friday, March 7, 2008

Perhaps I need to make this a dickblog, because, really, dick-related things are really having a moment. A concerned citizen made me aware of this item:

Weener Kleener. Say it out loud: Weener Kleener. Has it come to this? I am most fixated by the choice of cr8tv spelling. Why the double E's? Why the K? Are people purchasing dick soaps really picky about consistency to the point that Weiner Cleaner would offend their delicate aesthetics and love of symmetry?

But the real nutmeat can be found in the Amazon customer reviews:

Oh, Annette, I think you meant to say "Fun toy for mostly impotent man-child." Also, Ms. Cruz, you have just thoroughly depressed me with the details from your holiday gathering. What a bunch of loads you surround yourself with. I bet they all thought it was a real gas!


Thank God, M.D. Sexton from Columbia, Maryland let us all know that a masturbatory cock ring might be a bad idea to give to a kid. Who would have known?

Family Christmas party? FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY! Amy, you gave this to a member of your family, in front of other members of your family, during a family gathering? What kind of whorehouse brothel did you grow up in where a masturbatory cock ring is considered "a big hit"?

And, really, Ms
. Shay, this is not the gift for the man who has everything. This is the gift for the man who has absolutely nothing.

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