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Friday, March 14, 2008

I don't know what my friend was doing the other day that would warrant her coming across this delightful moment in Flickr history, but I'd like to thank her, even if it might mean she's a pervert.

Why you'd choose to keep that particular toe in the shot is beyond me, especially when you're trying to be sexy. But it made me think, we all know about foot fetishists - but there are probably people who get off on busted ass toes and crumpled up feet, and sure enough.

imperfect_toes is a stand up guy. He's not content to make this all about your average woman, walking around with busted ass feet, oblivious to the sweating, heavy-breathing man frantically using his camera phone to capture an intimate moment on the deck or a brief afternoon outing to Kohl's. And he's not above pointing out the obvious

He digs deep to find famous bunions.
I was ready to crown imperfect_toes king freak, but I think Bunionphille really puts in a hard days' work
. Also, his avatar kind of rules.

But what really moves me, is bunionphille's semi-literate prose. It is filled with such raw, haunting want.

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