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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This weekend was Passover, and my friend's two year old son was sent home with a very special lesson from his Jewish day care center. He was given a plague kit to chew on over the weekend:

Photo by Karo

The bubble wrap is inspired, and also, if boils were that much fun to pop, I'd be begging for them. I was impressed by the macabre nature of this kit. I'd really thought Catholics had cornered the market on gruesome religious paraphernalia for children, but damn, this is good. I'm not sure it quite takes it to the level that my Martyrdom of the Saints coloring book that I had back in the day, but it's quite the contender.

While I'm down with plague games for kids, wanna know what I'm not down with?

Can I get a....

If you're so inclined, I'd suggest contacting the sellers and asking them to come up with another representation of "Darkness" that isn't reliant on racial hatred. What is the message? "I AM CURSED WITH THE PLAGUE OF BEING BLACK...IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!" Damn.

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