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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, hi! If you're new around here it's likely due to the Sarah Palin vlogs. They are quite hilarious, I agree. Want more? Haven't seen the latest batch? Have you seen the face of Dina Heath-Barr?

Palin Vlog #7 (DINA APPEARS)

Palin Vlog #8 (Burning "Go Ask Alice" is good for the environment)

Palin Vlog #9 (First Church of Sarah Palin, Jesus Christ)

Palin Vlog #10 (In which we call for Keith Olbermann's dismantling)

These have been SOOO much fun to be a part of. Sara Benincasa not only does an amazing Palin, but she busts ass and edits these puppies. As a result of her hard work the vlogs have been featured in Wired, Newsweek, Time, and aired on CNN (we love you Wolf Blitzer). I'm still holding out hope that Rachel Maddow will ask us to be on her show so that she can ask me to run away with her. Sam said he was okay with that.

If you're new around here, feel free to have a poke around the blog. You can also catch me on Twitter and Facebook, and see some of my comedy here and
here !

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